Why do Children like Dinosaurs?

This question triggered in my mind as my Son who JUST two has tremendous fascination towards these extinct creatures! I guess pretty much all children like Dinosaurs – every child goes through “Dinosaurs stage”, this is more prominent in the age groups of Five to Seven or older & sometimes even at the age starting from two years. What could be reasons behind this fascination in little minds? Many studies have been conducted on this by various researchers & have come out with various explanations

Reason 1: Mostly Big, Makes Loud Noise, Scary & some dinosaurs expel flames from its nostrils! Representation of powerfulness

Reason 2:  Dinosaurs get what they want! – (Calvin & Hobbes comic strips in which Calvin pretends to be a big, lurching dinosaur) Apparently Dinosaurs represent in little minds the ultimate ID principle from Freud – When one wants something – they go & get it! & nothing else comes in way or nothing else is important till their needs are met

Reason 3: Dinosaurs offers diverse cast of characters: These creatures are combinations of - sizes (big & small) Food habits (some are carnivores & some herbivores), Deeds (good/bad), Way of life (live in groups or isolated) etc.  This allows children to construct images of various imaginative world in which they wish to be in

Reason 4: They are extinct and have left behind really amazing skeletons: Before ‘Jurassic Park’ or ‘Gertie the dinosaur’ (1st Dino movie 1914) most children learnt about dinosaurs from mounted skeletons in museums. Most kids find dinosaurs’ skeleton less eerie than of skeletons left by modern day animals. This enthrallment may be due to the gigantic size & unfamiliarity. Studies say many kids prefer their dinosaur in skeleton form!

Reason 5: Dinosaurs help mastership/ proficiency: This is based on theory of contradiction – you like something because you are not like that/them! Children may be fascinated with the dinosaurs because they think they have the ability to control aggression & power unlike Dinosaurs – The Good vs. Bad thing! Children tend to assume that all actions or events are either rewards or punishments. Bad things happen to bad people & good things happen to good people, however this concept is induced by parents or surroundings. They also think Dinosaurs have gone extinct due to their bad behaviour & good dinosaurs always stay in the hearts of little ones for eternity

The reasons for liking dinosaurs by children may be plenty, but the question every parent has in their minds – Is it good to allow the child to play, like or fantasise about Dinosaurs?   

Studies say that Dinosaur toys are brilliant for imaginative play and learning about nature and science and getting a sense of the history of our planet. The good vs. bad theory - Children are probably able to achieve a little more ability to control over their aggression each time they indulge in dino fantasy. They say kids start getting interested in dinosaurs as toddlers & this may grow into deeper interest as they become older – through teenage/ adulthood if they have fascination towards planetology.

What should be a concern is when a child takes the behaviour outside play into real life by spilling into wildness/ impulse/ scaring of others. When such situations occur, parents must dwell deep in & help a child to overcome this aggression.  A parent must always listen to their children’s fantasies and find a way to understand what is happening in their little ones inner world. This helps parents to gently manoeuvre the child’s thinking in the right direction towards progressive development.

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