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AATIKE Loyalty Program

“Every good business in built on a good relationship”

AATIKE has designed a simple & transparent loyalty program to show our gratitude towards our customers.

For every INR100 spent = 1 loyalty point = 1 INR

The equation remains same for all international currencies
(Example: For every $100 spent = 1 loyalty point = $1)

Note: Only product costs are calculated for loyalty points. The shipment costs & other taxes are not considered for the calculations

Our customers can redeem the loyalty points in the following ways

  • Redeem against the purchases made
  • Purchase a Gift Certificate to a friend 

How to redeem loyalty points?

  • Purchases: When you click on checkout process, you get an option to redeem loyalty points
  • Gift to a friend: You can redeem loyalty points against the gift cards you wish to purchase. This option is available under Shop and Buy link - Gift Zone