Simple Fun Indian Toys you can make at home or on a holiday

Simple Fun Indian Toys you can make at home or on a holiday using materials available around us!

The best thing a child can do with a toy is break it. The next best thing they can do is make it! Here are few toys that children can make and break freely! One of the unique features of these toys is that we can introduce scientific methods of working in process of making and playing with these toys. The children will be introduced with the basic ideas of experimentation and creativity in an effective manner.

Leaf Flute

  • You Need: A Peepal Leaf
  • How to make it
    • Snip off the tip of the lead
    • Roll the leaf into a pipe
    • Press the narrow end of the pipe gently
    • Place the narrow end of the pipe in between your lips and blow
    • Note: if the end id not flattened there will be no sound
  • You can Try: Making short flute, long flute of paper flute the process is the same

Leaf Cracker

  • You need: A leaf
  • How to make it
    • Place a leaf on your loosely clenched fist
    • Hit the leaf with force with your other hand
    • You hear sound of busting balloon

Banana Leaf Clapper

  • You need: Banana Leaf stem
  • How to make it
    • Cut the flaps on two sides of the stem
    • Hold the stem and shake the toy so that the flaps hit stem alternatively and makes sound

Matchbox Drum

  • You need: Empty matchbox, a bamboo stick, a piece of string, a small stone
  • How to make it
    • Make a hole on each of the two ends  of inner box of matchbox
    • Fix the stick vertically through the hole
    • Tie one end of the string around outer box of the match box. Make few loops to hold the tread strongly
    • Tie stone on the other end of the string. Adjust the string length so that the stone strikes the broad surface of matchbox
    • Insert the inner box of the match box
    • Hold the matchbox in your hand and shake to produce rhythmic sound


  • You need:  2 circular pieces of thick cardboard 15cms in diameter, a pencil stub, a piece of thread 50cms long
  • How to make it
    • Make a hole in the centre of each disc
    • Fix pencil as an axle
    • The distance between the discs should be about 2 cms
    • Smoothen out edges of the discs
    • Tie the tread to pencil and wind it
    • Hold the free end of the tread and let the spool go down
    • Give it a slight jerk when it almost reaches the end of tread. The spool winds and unwinds itself

Natural Mobile

  • You need: Length of a Willow or thin dried stem of any plant/dried stick which is flexible enough to make a ring, strong thread, selection of natural decorations like pine corns, feathers dried leaves, dried flowers of your choice
  • How to make it
    • Make a ring from the length of willow/ stem of a plant/ dried stick approximately 40 inches weaving the willow in and out as you make the ring
    • Tie the hoop at regular intervals with tread and secure it
    • Tie equal-length treads to the willow hoop and knot together at the top. You will use this to suspend the mobile when it is complete
    • Cut several pieces of different length tread and tie the selection of natural decorations on to each leaving gap between each one to next
    • Tie the decorated strings to the willow hoop equally spaces around the ring
    • Now your natural mobile is ready for the little one to play along! This idea can be easily adapted to ideas to suite any season like painted egg shells, paper snowflakes to flower & leaves…. The possibilities are endless!
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