Importance of toys to a child

Why are toys important? If you ask any mom this question - she would gladly tell that it would keep the child occupied & she gets some space for herselfSmile  which is indeed a worthy reason! Apart from this Toys foster growth and development in a child. It is very important to take few moments to think about the impact that the toys have that you are considering to purchase. Below are few aspects that parents must always keep in mind

Developing your child’s gross and fine motor skills: Motor skills are motions carried out when the brain, nervous system, and muscles work together. Fine motor skills are small movements such as picking up small objects and holding a spoon that use the small muscles of the fingers, toes, wrists, lips, and tongue. Gross motor skills are the bigger movements such as rolling over and sitting that use the large muscles in the arms, legs, torso, and feet.

Developing Cognitive Thinking: Cognitive development is the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. A child begins learning cause and effect with cognitive thinking

Developing Child’s Language Skills: Language development is a process starting early in human life. Infants start without language, yet by 4 months of age, babies can discriminate speech sounds and engage in babbling. The sounds you make at an infant, the songs you sing, the stories you say all aid to language development immensely. Eg. Peek Ka Boo, Rat & Cat games all aid to child’s communication development. The little gurgles, pleasure, sounds they make is child’s attempt to express themselves.

Developing Sense of Safety: Helping your child develop a sense of safety, a sense of well-being, can be accomplished any time you play with your child. It is so very important to take time out of each and every day, no matter how busy you are, to spend moments alone with your child. This is easy when your girl or boy is an infant because you need to nurse or feed your baby, but as the child grows and becomes more active, many parents are so caught up in everyday life that they simply have trouble finding time to spend with toddlers. Read books to your child at night or work puzzles with them in the day. Any toy or game which you can play with your child teaches them that mum and dad are there for them, that you value them and that they are living in a safe environment.

Develop Social Skills: This is the most important aspect in raising a child. Things that one can teach in play are like “Share”, “Be Nice”, “Respect each other”, “Accept Each other”, “Right vrs Wrong” Etc. One must be careful in choosing a toy which does not encourage anti-social behaviours / Violence. One must choose toys that your child can play with siblings / friends to promote socialization skills in combination with toys in which a child can play with themselves fostering independence within wider groups.

Toys not only help in entertaining your kids but also educates them and promotes healthy development amongst them. Choosing the right toy for your kid is indispensable as learning from a toy begins at very early age. Whether you are buying for your child/ friend’s child, birthday gifts, Nieces or nephews - One must take time to think what you are buying & the toys that are buying foster the development aspects for a child. Any positive impact that a child develops for its future are the Perfect gifts one can give!

Happy Shopping!


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