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Puzzles are great tools for providing our pet dogs with mental stimulation. They help a dog identify choices and pick results that have desirable outcomes. This is an essential trait in a confident dog that goes on to learn conflict avoidance and respond to positive reinforcement training. Mental stimulation also is essential in rounding up a dog and giving a dog a constructive outlet for thoughts and ideas that might otherwise result in destructive or unpleasant behaviour. Puzzles are also great ways to bond with your dog in a calm and healthy way.

saTva Canine Solutions and AATIKE come together to provide you these specially handcrafted puzzles from the heartland of Karnataka. They are handcrafted by local artisans using age old techniques.

Bangalore Hundeskole has used latest understanding of canine ethology from Europe in the conceptualization of these puzzles. In short, this is indeed a wonderful meeting of the old world charm with new age understanding of our pets.

Happy Shopping for Pet Fun Times!!!

Please look at the video showcasing on how one can engage the dog in a interactive session of solving saTva - AATIKE collaboratively designed wooden dog puzzles